Woodworking with Thin Plywood, like Baltic Birch Plywoods


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44 thoughts on “Woodworking with Thin Plywood, like Baltic Birch Plywoods

  1. Thanks a lot for this Colin.
    So many woodworking videos are just too complex.
    I just love this simple, straight forward approach.
    I'm about to make one of these to hold small scrap pieces of wood instead of having it all over my bench.
    They call him no nonsense Knecht : )

  2. Have used this material for years….however….instead of the square material to add strength, cut triangles. Looks better and equally strong plus it won't snag or catch material that is placed in the box.

  3. Hey, how about a new plan, get a hook blade and install it into a variable speed oscillating utility tool. Should cut through that quickly without saw dust. I use it on 1/4 inch ply, carpeting, cutting up card board for recycle etc.

  4. I use this material cut into 1"-1 1/2" strips and half-lap joints to make display cases for Hot Wheels and Lego minifigurines. To stabilize them I either glue it down to another sheet of plywood, or sometimes just cardboard or posterboard as a backing. Make them from as small as 3×4 compartments to my largest 50×50 compartments.

  5. Thank you I cannot wait to cut with a box cutter…I was sick of having uneven edges bc I was cutting with a huge saw! (*I'm new to woodwork cool ya britches commenters)

  6. Colin, typically speaking, I don't comment on YT videos. However, I've made the exception for this one for reasons that are too numerous to list. I suppose the key point is, every single one of my reasons for "going against the grain" and commenting, are completely positive. You have provided more useful tips in a relatively short video than I've ever seen. And I truly appreciate it. I was in a real need to figure out how to construct a thin-walled box, that was strong enough for it's purpose and you walked me right through it. I also appreciate the drill-bit spacing tip. Well done, from a new subscriber.

  7. This reminded me of my dad making shop storage trays from 1/8" veneer paneling. Well, he used staples and white glue, but still they held together, even burdened with pounds of steel parts or whatever. There is something very appealing about minimalist construction. Subscribed!

  8. Colin's innovative use of time saving tips and simple jigs are amazing. Every woodworker needs to take time out to watch his video's. Not just for the finished product but for the hints and tips. Brilliant!

  9. Colin, you should try making those thin plywood boxes with (1/8") finger joints. They will be as strong, if not stronger. They will also be more visually appealing and have more storage space since they don't need the reinforcers inside.

  10. Where do you buy this stuff? My wife has been bothering me for a while to build a drawer organizer for the bathroom and I have never been able to find a thin enough material to do this right. Everything is so think it would eat up the entire drawer space.

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