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  1. Anyone who "snaps" off a drywall screw head is in a hurry and uses their impact driver as if they were making a deck, no pre-drilling, and just drive the screw into the wood until the impact driver turns the head off… just like you did there… now- if you spin that long on a screw that DOESN'T snap the head off, then you have stripped the wood on the inside of the screw's threads, and now have a useless hold on the joint. Either is bad, because of OPERATOR ERROR

  2. The best way to insure that a seamless joint is made is after the pocket hole is made, use a long, long small drill bit to pre-drill into the receiving wood, to act as a guide at least 3/4" in- this insures the screw will not wander, and also helps when it comes to the union initially.

  3. That’s helped me out loads… I’ve got to put together an oak radiator cover which I’ve had all the timber pre-cut and delivered.. I didn’t want to mess up, so this has given me some good tips… Thanks Colin ??

  4. Excellent teacher. Thank you for sharing mistakes. Always attempt to do it the right way, but if you have an awareness of methods/materials known to function poorly, it will save time. Best thing to save and repurpose.

  5. Hallo Colin, I am following you already for couple of month. All your vids are very good. One question to the screws using for pocket holes. How do you determine the length of screws? Many greeting from Germany. Nobby

  6. ok so … I have 2 chairs I recently built with my dad. We used 2×3 framing lumber – which is pine. We put 2 pocket holes per join … it feels really sturdy – should I be worried about the seat breaking??

  7. 4:47 – The video should be named how not to make pocket holes. Your joints are weak because the pocket hole is on the wrong side, so the screw has no wood to bind into. Had you placed the pocket hole on the other side, the screw would've bound to the other board.

  8. I have a bunch of those 12” Harbor Freight clamps (orange pads), they were cheap for a long time. They are finally failing after over a decade.

  9. Great video and advice, however I was always taught to screw pockets from the outside in as there's more material past the tip of the screw – making it more secure with a stronger hold.

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