A Primer to Epoxy Resin Wood Projects / Simple River Tables


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28 thoughts on “A Primer to Epoxy Resin Wood Projects / Simple River Tables

  1. If your resin / epoxy is warmed up to roughly 80 Deg F., you will have much fewer bubbles to contend with. I've also used the plastic sheet as you did without any dye and the visual texture as seen from the finished side is really cool. Thanks for all your great tips on woodworking, I'm really enjoying your videos.

  2. Hi Colin, Nice starter video om resin casting. On smaller pours, like the red for the knot hole, rice is a good way of finding out the volume of resin needed as the grains are obviously a lot smaller. I use rice a lot when casting hybrid pen blanks. Cheers, Huw

  3. Wondering if you ever tried using double sided tape to A: hold downstairs the plastic so less wrinkles & B: to hold the word down to get less seepage underneath? Thanks for the great videos ❗❗❗

  4. Live your channel but i have problems with getting ride of the bubbles in my epoxy ive tryed all types of tricks such as heat with a heat gun and all these other tricks but i could never get rid of the bubble residue i need help please lol

  5. Another wonderful thing about the Ecopoxy brand is that you pour the whole depth in one pour, whereas the other brands you have to only pour 1/8 to 1/4 inch layers and let set between pours due to heat problems.

  6. We have found that with the Ecopoxy brand you do NOT use heat. Heat actually helps put bubbles into it. As does fiddling with it. Just mix, and pour without letting it pour off the stick back into the container. The bubbles will come out on their own. Ecopoxy is different than the other brands. Another thing that Canadians do better πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for the video. My concern is the lack of flatness of the plastic sheet. That Tuck tape is not available in Australia. Will normal packing tape work just as well?

  8. Nice video I learned a lot from this. I have seen other woodworkers use shellac to seal the wood prior to pouring, it is supposed to prevent the epoxy from staining the wood. Would you recommend that for your next pour?

  9. How's she goin'? The tops looks some nice!!! Great tip to not scrap the sides of the container when pouring. I have used some epoxy before and never really liked it as it felt tacky. This must have been the reason why as I did scrap the sides of the mixing container. Take care!!!

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