Wood Chisels and Their Use – Beginners Woodworking #26


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28 thoughts on “Wood Chisels and Their Use – Beginners Woodworking #26

  1. I am learning so much from watching your videos. Sincerely, thank you for the uploads and the wealth of info! It's like you're the wise woodworking grandpa I never had! ?

  2. Cutting not towards yourself is a no brainer you learned when you had your first knife like object. And still I managed to ram a sharpened 20mm chisel into my left thumb. So count me in. Almost knicked the tendon, had 4 stitches and an unuseable thumb for a month (damn and you really need your thumbs I can tell you now).

    I was not that dumb that I had my hand in the line of the chisel, but I held a piece of 5x5cm beech wood with my left hand while I tried to clean out a half lap joint a few cm to the right of that. I pulled back (within the joint) and wacked in again (perpendicular to endgrain). At one point (of course on the last of the 8 joints I did) I pulled out the chisel to far (no longer in the joint) and whacked the chisel into my thumb. It was mainly lack of concentration after half a day of work and exhaustion, because testing the fit meant heaving half a corner bench into the other half. I went to the ER, doctor told me I was lucky and maybe I better buy my furniture in the future. Told him no-can-do, and after I went home, I cleaned up the blood (had a nice stain on the table and bench; added a very personla touch) and finished that same damned joint!

    So the main thing to take away: don't work if you aren't 100% at doing your work. You will do stupid stuff, no matter how often someone else warned you.

  3. G'day Colin, Great video I never stop learning and little reminders help, Colin it would've been handy if YouTube was around 30 years ago 🙂 also I find the problem with commonsense is it is not always common…. Keep on keeping on mate, love your stuff, Tim.

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