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  1. Thanks for the blade adjustment tips. I never use my jointer because it seems like it never does what i would hope it would. It is definitely a tool of technique. So it would be informative to know 1) how much lower the infeed table should be, 2) which grain direction to push toward the blade, 3) where to apply the pressure with your hands, for example apply pressure on the infeed and let it rest on the outfeed, or switch pressure to the outfeed once there is enough room and drag it across, etc., and finally how many passed you actually took to remove that crown.

  2. Colin; Thanks for this excellent video, especially the part about setting the outfeed table with respect to the knives. I was always frustrated with my jointing results because my jointer would remove a huge amount from each end of the workpiece and virtually nothing in the middle. I tried varying my technique (more / less hand pressure at various places, etc) but nothing worked. In hindsight, the knives were too low vs the outfield table even though they looked right. I set my outfield table as you suggested, using a steel rule and having the knives engage the rule enough to move it a specific amount. On my 6" Delta bench top jointer (Model JT160), I had to adjust each individual knife to get the right setting, but in the end I immediately got much better results. Now I can perfect my results by focusing on my technique, knowing that the jointer is set correctly. Many thanks for restoring my enjoyment of my jointer.

  3. What brand are your brass set up blocks/Where can I get some? Thanks for the video I have the same router and was have trouble getting it set up properly.

  4. Hi Collin, just started my woodworking adventure, and used my bench top jointer. For the first time yesterday after setting it all up, with disastrous results, followed the manual to the letter too, it told me to set the blades level with the out feed table, after 5 or 6 passes only the front of the timber was being shaved, it also said to keep my weight on the out-feed table, so frustrating I’ve so much recycled Oregon to use and want to get started, Help!!!

  5. I have a delta as well. Can you do a quick video on how to adjust the fence to 90? Trying to figure out how to do that… as well as raise and lower my outfeed table. It is sitting too low.

  6. Bought a jointer this morning as I have hundreds of cheap, warped hardwood posts to 'straighten' – This video just taught me all I need to know! Awesome, cheers!

  7. Hi Collin!
    I have a question for you. My jointer is very precisely adjusted and the surfaces are straight.
    BUT the problem is the side that goes into the jointer is like an inverted babana.
    What am I doing wrong ???
    Thank you for your reply!

  8. I very much enjoy all your videos. However, I do want to share a safety note on this video. I as you like using steel or machinist squares in my work. A while ago while using my joiner and squaring the vertical alignment with my metal square inadvertently left it on the horizontal face. It blended in with the “steel on steel” face. Without seeing it, I turned on the jointer and it was caught by the spinning blade launching it past my ear, close enough to draw blood. It continued past my head and embedded itself in my ceiling! After getting over the scary shakes, I tried to pull it out of the ceiling, however it found a ceiling joist behind the sheet rock and could not be easily removed. I still use steel squares but, they all have an added big yellow warning mark on them. Oh yes the square in the ceiling ie still there to remind me to be safe & triple check.

  9. i can't understand how you can get perfect results if the knifes are higher than the output table .. Imagine you push the wood and if the knifes are higher it will create a small gap between the height of the knife and output table , sooner or later the wood will "land" on the output table – that means the knifes will cut even dipper ?

  10. It looks like you have a delta 37-190 jointer or at least similar. So my question here is "How do you adjust the tables if they are not parallel? I have had one of these for a long time and the book that came with it doesn't show this. I've searched the web for it but to no avail. Thanks

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