How to Setup and Use the Drill Press – Woodworking for Beginners #5

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  1. Hi, please help me solve my drama. I’ve got a pretty entry level drill press which is perfectly fine for what I do (Einhell bt-bd 501, 500W). It’s small, precision is okay for my standards, I’m really happy so far, but I ran into a problem today. I tried a hole saw on a 1cm plywood (should be about half inch) for the first time and it stucked. The chunk stopped spinning and a protection mechanism blocked it for a couple of seconds. I was then able to start over but I had to cut very slowly in order to prevent the blade from stopping spinning. My hole saw bits are probably garbage but they worked on my old manual drill…I wonder if the drill press has problems. 500W are way more than my manual drill, probably twice as much…what do you think? The drill press is a gift and going through support involves more problem/delusion than it normal would, so I’m trying to figure it out first. Thanks for your videos, I love them, very professional and very easy to understand at the same time. ?

  2. Here’s a bizarre question… is there any way to set up a regular drill so it can act as a drill press. I just want to drill perfectly straight holes in say, 2x4s, etc. Well, I did say it was bizarre idea ? but if anyone could figure it out, you can!

  3. Amazing….wish i thought of all that stuff. So simple….so sensible….thank u so much Colin….u da man….been a woodworker for 35 years….and NEVER EVER thought to tighten all 3 chuck holes….THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!

  4. Hi everyone. I'm really stuck for how to do this. I have a drill press and make small wood jewellery. Some are angled like triangular etc and need to drill a straight hole through the end for the cord. Can't seem to figure out to get it right…. Is there any tips anyone has? Hope I've explained what I want to do properly

  5. Decent video but what it's missing is a bit about how and where and why to set the table height. It seems like common sense but someone was asking about this aspect of their drill press and I came to YouTube to find a video describing it for them. It really should be in a starter video about setting up a drill press.

  6. Question: I brought a cheap table top drill press at a yard sale. Recently it bogs down when drilling into wood or sanding. Do I need to change the belt? and how do I know when the belt is adjusted correctly?

  7. Colin, I agree about the need for a good cutting oil when drilling/cutting metal, but the machine shop with which I worked had long ago discovered that they got equally good results from using WD-40 as with a true cutting oil, and it was MUCH cheaper. Since then, I have always used WD-40 whenever cutting or drilling metal (and that includes hacksaws).

  8. Pls, when moving the drill table up and down ,
    how do I then re-align table from left to right PRECISELY ?
    I see no utube vidoes on this .
    Pls, also what is the proper name for this type of alignment ?

  9. This guy always speaks so clearly and slowly unlike others who jabber away like they are running late. Always a pleasure to watch your videos sir.

  10. Good overview, Colin. I like these quick videos. Thanks for doing this!

    The one thing that confounded me when I was first learning was "how" to clamp pieces to the drill press. The one I was using had no fence and just had the cast iron table and it was not easy to clamp things to it. A video on how to clamp to the drill press in various situations would be really helpful for beginners. I got my own drill press, table, and made a nice fence low fence from quad track (lee valley), also track in the tabletop. I remember hating the thought of the drill press because of the puzzlement over clamping. I was drilling aluminum.

    When they say "you can never have too many clamps" that would mean both number (for glue ups) and variety, for safety using various tools.

  11. Hi good morning,I quick question ,which do you think in your experience is better the variable drill press or just a regular drill press that you manually adjust belt to get the desired speed.thank and more power to you sir.

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