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  1. Hello, Colin. First let me say your channel is rapidly filling up the woodworking folder in my computer. I am learning a lot from your channel. Some time back, I made a top for a dog crate of oak plywood and trimmed it with oak 1×4 I cut to size. When I assembled it, there were some gaps between the plywood and trim. I filled these with a mixture of glue and sawdust ( a trick I learned from a cabinet maker), sanded, and then stained it. When I went to stain it, the areas where I wiped off the glue that squeezed out, did not take the stain very well and the finish came out uneven along the edges. Did I use the wrong glue or stain? I used Elmer's glue and Minwax stain. Not a total loss, the top looks a little worn around the edges because of the discrepancy and I kind of like it. Thank you.

  2. Hi! I would like to glue wood to a previously spray painted wood surface.
    Which is the best glue for this to ensure good bonding?

  3. Thank you for the informational primer. I definitely feel better prepared to choose the proper glue for each project. I'm learning to make ring boxes and will be starting on other sizes of jewelery boxes soon! Can you please recap some of the scenarios in which epoxy is necessary?

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