What is It With the Strange Cloud Formation?

It is very likely that the answer is related to a huge ongoing volcanic eruption – very little known abroad, yet MUCH bigger than the infamous *Eyjafjallajökull* [EFJ] eruption, that disturbed international flights for weeks with the ash that came from it.

Why the enormous, ongoing eruption is so little noticed outside of Iceland is most likely because the volcano’s craters have not spewn out any ash, which the vicious EFJ did instead in huge amounts.
The currently active volcano "only" spews out lava, smoke, and gases that are poisonous, but only in big quantities – or in smaller quantities for people with weak lungs.

When the weather is clear, and the sun is low on the sky, some color effects can be seen from the gases. The strong, blue taint on the clouds on the above photo are probably a result of this. But definitely not the interesting form of the cloud in the front 🙂

Posted by Coldpix on 2014-10-14 16:00:10

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