Spooky Web Dev Horror Stories


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about web dev horror stories — things you can only hope will never happen to you!

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Show Notes

2:09 – Scott’s Disastrous Git Clean

4:35 – Magic Updates the Gathering

8:52 – YAAAAS

9:37 – Token Trouble

12:16 – jQuery Plugins

15:22 – Success!

18:00 – Parental Advisory

21:47 – Students Changing Grades

22:46 – Lorem Sh!tsum

26:22 – Drowning in a Waterfall

28:53 – Magneto Upgrades

30:00 – JOHN CENA

33:24 – Migration Migraine

35:39 – Primary Key Nightmare

36:26 – The $20,000 YAML formatter



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