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I know this is a hotly debated thing, but I’m confused. A little backstory: I ate an undercooked egg and got salmonella when I was a teen. I refused to eat eggs until I was in my 20s. If they were in something, that was fine, but if knew it was there, no. Got out of undergrad, started eating eggs because they were affordable and supposedly good for me. Mid-20s started having severe GI issues. Nothing was wrong they could find, and it would clear up if I did an elimination diet, but come back when I reached foods. Figured it was dairy and gluten. Was DF/GF for two years untilI realized it really didn’t make a difference. Fast forward to this year (mid-30’s) when I reacted to a sandwich- itchy mouth and tight, itchy throat. I have OAS, but there was no plant material on the sandwich. I also react similarly to walnuts, but none were present. Being the genius I am, I figured it was the cheese or the mayo, so I ate some of each. I reacted the same way again when I ate the mayo. I took a double dose of benedryl and called it a day. I eliminated eggs from my diet over the next two days and my GI issues cleared up almost immediately. If I get something with egg in it, I’m sick for the next day or so. I haven’t had a repeat of the first reaction.

I brought it up to my doctor, and was told because I didn’t have anaphylaxis it absolutely could not be an allergy, it was just a sensitivity. However, I see people here and in other allergy groups that have GI issues as their main symptom and it is called an allergy. When is it an allergy and when is it a sensitivity?


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