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Hello, I’m new to this sub and tried searching but couldn’t find an answer so…

I’ve been really ill lately with massive bloating, stabbing pain and cramping, and ah … other gastrointestinal issues. Coeliac serology came back fine (as did hormonal tests to rule out female-part problems) so my GP said to cut out lactose and see if that helps. I said I’ve been vegan for many years and she hummed a bit and said go two weeks without anything that comes from a factory that processes milk, because I might be having a reaction to the smallest amount. My question is where do I find this information? I feel like all vegan foods I eat are already pretty safe in this regard. I’m committed to doing the two weeks (if I don’t mess up by accident), but is there anything else I should be thinking about?

Other info: Never tested or professionally diagnosed but before going vegan I think I was at least lactose intolerant, and eggs used to make me nauseous/vomit.

Thanks for any info you can throw my way.


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