Any chefs/home-cooks/caterers in need of a short-term gig? Looking for help cooking for my very pregnant sister. : Chefit


My sister is giving birth to her first kid in a few weeks. Obviously no one can be there and I feel terrible. My husband and I rented an airbnb a couple blocks from her house to spend that first week of new motherhood with her because she’s incredibly anxious about it. (Quarantining beforehand and getting tested of course.) She and her husband both don’t cook much and we had volunteered to prepare every meal for them and then some, leaving plenty of food in the freezer upon departure. Well, of course our airbnb was cancelled and we don’t feel comfortable staying at a hotel. My sister said she understood but I could tell she was stressing about the food situation.

Long story short, I would love to somehow find a way to provide her with at least 1-2 weeks of home-cooked meals while she tries to figure out motherhood.

I was thinking that there must be some folks with a passion for good home cooking that are without work right now that could fill in for me. I would of course compensate the chef. My sister lives in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Any advice on finding someone like this would be greatly appreciated! I’d rather hire individually so the chef keeps all the $$ than go through one of the “hire a private chef” sites.

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