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I love Eric’s Traditional Whole Grain Sourdough recipe, and I wanted to make an all whole grain version of it. His Poilâne Bakery-inspired version has some white bread flour in it, and I was curious how using only fresh-milled whole grain flour might change the flavor and texture.

I found this whole grain version to be even more intense in flavor and slightly more sour than Eric’s soft and delicious bread. The slow, cool hands-off fermentation of this dough keeps the texture soft and the crumb open. The slices pictured below are of an 800g dough weight loaf. Note that this same dough would produce a tighter crumb if baked as a single 1.6kg miche due to the higher dough weight and the slower speed that oven heat reaches the center of the large dough.

The wheat varieties in the recipe are also crucial to the delicious outcome: a strong aromatic red wheat (red fife in this case), nutty spelt, and earthy rye.

Three wheats; the end of 24 hours of refrigerated bulk fermentation; the underside of the bulked dough


Compared with Eric’s recipe, I also increased the total dough size so you can halve the recipe for a fairly standard 800g dough-weight loaf. The full size miche, however, is an impressive 1.6kg and needs to be baked on a stone with a steam system or using this Spun Iron Cloche, a 9-quart dutch oven, or an XL Romertopf. Instructions for the various baking options are in the recipe below.

The best part of this recipe (besides the flavor) is that it’s a three-day bread with only about a half-hour of active prep work: measure, mill, mix, pre-shape, shape, and score. Refrigeration gives you both flexibility and gluten development.

Note that if your refrigerator runs warmer than most or if you use just-milled warm flour, your fermentation may be a little faster. Consider using cold water and check on your dough once in a while.

The start of the final proof; scored dough ready to bake


Disclosure: Since I use 100g of all purpose flour starter to seed the preferment, my loaf is 95% whole grain and 5% refined flour. If you use a whole grain starter with this recipe, it would be 100% whole grain.

The volume measurements in this recipe are converted from grams and are approximations. For video instructions that can be applied to this recipe as well, see Eric’s original Traditional Whole Grain Sourdough.


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