Sara Owens Banana Marble Cake


I’m getting back into baking after a busy summer.

I made this tonight and continue to be a fan of Sara Owens’ recipes. Everything I’ve made from her books I’ve really enjoyed. This cake has only 30 grams of brown sugar and only uses whole wheat flour. It has five ripe bananas in it – which are placed in the oven with the brown sugar and a bit of rum to roast for 15 minutes before you make the batter. It uses ripe starter but I don’t even think it’s necessary given baking powder and soda powder are used in the recipe.

I literally took it out of the oven about half an hour ago and we couldn’t resist so some is missing from the pic below!   Her recipe calls for a ganache to accompany it but we used Nutella instead! 🙂  I’ll definitely be making this again! It’s so good!



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