Black Sesame Red Fife Sourdough


I love the taste that seeds impart to my sourdough breads both on the inside or outside of a loaf.  I love using black sesame seeds because they are sesame flavour amped up and great inside the loaf for that contrast in colour in the crumb.

Total Dough Weight 900 g

Total Flour 494 g 

Bread Flour 80%

Whole Red Fife 20%

Total Water 377.5 g 76% hydration

Salt 2% 10 g



Bread flour 352 g

Whole Wheat 97 g

Water 320 g

Levain 115 g 

Salt 2% 10 g 

Diastatic Malt 0.5% 2.5 g


Overnight levain at 74ºF 

15 g starter

60 g water


60 g whole red fife 


Overnight saltolyse mix everything except levain using cold filtered water and left a cool room temperature.


In the morning mix levain and dough pinching and then Rubaud kneading to fully incorporate.  Start of bulk fermentation @ 80-82ºF.

Rest 30 mins then bench letter fold.  Remove small portion of dough for aliquot jar.

Rest 30 mins then lamination adding black sesame seeds in three parts.

In 30 min intervals doing coil folds.

Bulk Fermentation ends when 60% rise in the aliquot jar.

Shape dough – this if final shaping since the coil folds act as the per shaping.

Left at room temperature in banneton until aliquot jar shows 70% rise.

Cold Retard overnight 2ºC fridge.


Next morning preheat oven 500ºF with dutch oven inside.

After 1 hour flip dough out of banneton onto parchment paper, brush off excess rice flour and score.  Brush water onto the surface of the dough then load into dutch oven.

Drop temperature to 450ºF and bake for 20 mins.

Remove lid and bake at 420ºF for 25 mins.  May need longer to fully bake adjust if needed.




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