Video Tip: Big Beers, Happy Yeast, and Plenty of Oxygen


Fully fermenting high-gravity beers is a challenge for any brewer. Perennial’s Phil Wymore explains how they oxygenate their yeast starters as well as their worts, giving their big-beer fermentations a healthy start.

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Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis, Missouri, brews some of the finest Belgian-inspired ales in North America. However, it grew its national following and influenced a host of other breweries with a totally different kind of beer: Abraxas—a big, adjunct-laded imperial stout inspired by Mexican chocolate.

In this 56-minute video course, Phil Wymore—Perennial’s cofounder and brewmaster—shares the approach, ingredients, and methods behind the brewery’s big stouts and other strong, high-gravity beers. Among other topics, Wymore covers:

  • water and hops considerations
  • careful intentionality for big malt bills
  • building a base imperial stout recipe
  • choosing and employing various adjuncts
  • yeast and high-gravity fermentation challenges
  • filtering and carbonation

And much more, including recipes.

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