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30 Times People Found Out Their Parents Were Cooler Than Them And Shared These Pics As Proof


There probably was a time when you thought your parents weren’t cool. That’s quite normal for teens who care about their reputation and status among their peers. You know how parents can be sometimes.

However, interestingly enough, there will come a time when you’ll look at your parents and think “huh, they certainly are cool,” despite them being at that very same, or very similar age in their lives that you were when you thought they weren’t all that cool.

Well, people on Twitter have been doing just that—being in awe at how cool their parents actually were back in their youth (or young adulthood) and sharing pictures.

Image credits: AdamSerwer

Take a look at some of the highlights from the thread below, and while you’re here, why not comment and upvote the submissions you enjoyed the most!

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Not too long ago, writer Adam Serwer tweeted a picture of his parents from the early 1960s. In the picture, the two are seemingly in a restaurant or bar of some sort, having some drinks and socializing.

And now that Adam is all grown up, he felt forced to admit that his parents were actually cooler than him. Around 19,000 people seemingly agreed that they are indeed cool by leaving a like under the photo.

Others started sharing pictures of their own parents and other relatives being cool, artsy, photogenic, what have you, from when they were young back in the ‘50s through to the ‘80s.


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If you want to see more, or read through some of the stories and comments left by other users, you can find the entire thread here.

Or if you want to check out more cool parent lists, Bored Panda’s got you covered here, here, and here.

But before you go, keep scrolling and let us know what you thought of this in the comment section below. And hey, why not also tell us how cool your parents were back in the day!


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