The Attack!


Take a good look at this face!

Did you take a good look?
You can’t imagine that this face could attack you, can you?
That sweet, sweet face…
He attacks me if I look at him!
He attacks me if I pet him! 
Oh boy, does he attack me when I dare to talk to him!!
It takes a few minutes after each attack to calm him down to continue the groom.
I have been grooming him since he was a puppy.
Every groom is the same.
Attack, attack, attack.
I have even told his owner about his attacks.
He just can’t help it.
I have learned to be careful with how much I make eye contact while grooming.
I am careful not to pet him too much during the groom.
Most of all, I try to keep my mouth closed and not talk to him during the groom.
Or I would never get him finished.
Sometimes I just can’t help it.
Sometimes I want him to attack.
Yes,  you read that right…I want him to attack.
He is the best and happiest attack dog I have ever groomed.
Just make eye contact, or pet him and he will attack you with the best kisses

Oh, and when you talk to him, or praise him he just goes crazy with a full body wiggle and an attack to the face with a million kisses!!

 This little guy….

I love this little guy!
He is one of my favorites to groom.
I would take him home in a flash.
Always happy, always good, always sweet.

And best of all….

He ALWAYS attacks!!!  🙂

No matter what kind of day I am having, this guy
is the best medicine to make me feel happy.
On a side note:
For anyone still reading my blog, I would like to apologize for disappearing and not writing for a while.
It has been a long hard two years personally.
The loss of two parents and a very dear Father-in-law, with-in one year, seemed to have effected me more than I would like to admit.
Followed up with my son leaving to join the Marines was also a major adjustment for me.
There were many times, while at work, I would think ‘this would make a good grooming post’, only to get home and just not have it in me to write.
I also experienced a possible career ending injury this summer.
Thanks to the Doctor and a well placed Cortisone shot I am back to scissoring again.
My daughter Jessica was a life saver this summer when I suddenly found that I could not even hold a pair of scissors much less scissor a dog.
What to do?
We were fully booked for the summer.
There were no open appointments to move anyone to.
We did not want to cancel any of my long time regular customers.
And, I had to wait weeks for an appointment with the Doctor.
So, what did we do?
I should say, what did Jessica do? 
She stepped up!
I became a bather.
My son and I did all of the bathing and drying.
I roughed in what I could with the clippers, (I got very good at ‘finish’ skimming) and Jess did all of the scissor finish work.
She was grooming 14 to 16 dogs a day.
For over 8 weeks!
And, we managed to get done on time everyday. 
We are now back to each grooming our own clients.
I am so grateful to be scissoring again with no pain.
I could not even imagine having to give up grooming. 
My daughter has been after me to continue my blog, because she knew how much I enjoyed writing it.
I am going to make an attempt to continue it, so bare with me please.
Oh, and thanks to anyone who still checks in to see if I have posted anything new.  🙂 

* This article was originally published here


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