Rest in Peace Dear, Silly Chip!

It is with great sadness that I announce that dear silly Chip passed away in his sleep last month and I would’ve told you sooner but his owners couldn’t find the strength in their loss to let me know until yesterday. He didn’t show any signs of illness prior to his passing so perhaps his age (11)was a factor. The main things I will miss about him was that he had a remarkable ability to catch treats in midair from long distances and that he wiggled his entire body in excitement prior to going for walks and prior to getting treats! I also loved that he lived close enough to downtown that we could frequently stop in stores to greet shopkeepers and to get treats! I only knew him for two years and that was not enough time! Daisy and I will miss him terribly! 

Below is the post that was written on the first day of our walks in 2017 to remember him by:
Here’s my new walking partner, Chip, who hasn’t quite figured out that he is nine years old! I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but he was READY to go, go, go as soon as I outfitted him in his harness! 

Because he had so much energy to burn he talked me into extending his first walk to an hour rather than the usual 30 minutes!

When the adventure was over the ONLY thing that motivated him to get off HIS couch (If you met him in person you’d agree that the peppy, campy pillow matched his personality!) was when he saw me open his
     treat jar! 

If you live in Dover, New Hampshire, and think your dog would benefit from midday or vacation walks please consider Teacher’s Pet Sitting Service to meet his or her needs! 

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