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For animals, smells are very important, because they allow them to meet others or identify a danger. Therefore, many veterinarians advise against the use of dog perfumes. However, others claim that, in a small amount, these fragrances can improve living with people.

Perfumes for dogs: yes or no

As pet owners we want them to be impeccable, always clean and smell good. However, that is not possible even if we take them to the beauty salon every week. In addition, excessive hygiene is counterproductive to your health.

Of course, because of the effect of soaps or shampoos – even those that are suitable for dogs – ‘drag’ the microorganisms from the skin and hair, as well as cover the pheromones with which the animals communicate with each other.

Unlike what happens with people, that we perfume and place deodorants after bathing with flower soaps, animals like their own personal scent. And they are also perfumed! But of course, not with a French cologne or an imported fragrance … They do it with what they have available, such as grass, blanket or even other animals.

The problem is that living with a pet that has a “dog smell”, as they say popularly, is not entirely pleasant. That is why the owners choose to use perfumes for dogs, of those that are obtained in specialized stores.

Now, is it good or bad for your dog to scent it every time he returns from the park or when it rains? For you, it will be perfect because the animal will smell ‘pink’, but for him … it won’t be so nice.

There are even some pets that when they are perfumed they do not want to leave the house or fight with other dogs when they are away. And that change in personal aroma disorients them and does not allow others of their kind to recognize him.

Perfumes for dogs: changing their perceptions

When we perfume our pet, we think it merely from the human point of view: what is a good or bad aroma according to our rational idea, but in other animals, things are not like that.

Dogs have a much more developed sense of smell than ours and that is already the first difference. Maybe for you, a little fragrance has nothing wrong, but for your pet, it is as if you throw liters and liters of cologne.

In addition, the aroma that you like, maybe the dog is not as pleasant and feels the need to take it off or cover it as possible. It is not strange that, after being scented, the animal runs off to rub the back against anything it finds in its path, including something that is disgusting to humans: feces, dead animals, garbage, etc.

Another negative effect of dog perfumes has to do with the socialization of the animal. If you take it often to the park, you will surely have seen that it just comes ‘sniffs’ with all the pets around it. That ceremonial greeting is the way they have to recognize and identify their intentions.

If your dog is ‘bathed in perfume’ the other dogs will not recognize him and will not be able to know if it is legit or not. He is likely to be attacked or avoided as if it were dangerous.

So what do I do to make my dog ​​smell good? As a first step, you should ask yourself what ‘smell good’ is, since your definition is probably very different from that of the animal. That does not mean that you can not bathe or clean it, but that you avoid excesses.

Try just a few drops of perfume for dogs and analyze if there are changes in your pet’s behavior. You don’t need to throw the whole bottle, because that will be bad for him. To avoid smelling bad, bathe it every few weeks and ventilate the animal’s environments and belongings well.

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