What is considered "a lot" when it comes to vinyl plank variety/amount of unique planks?


I hope this question makes sense. Husband and I are looking into LVP for the home we are buying and as much as I can appreciate the benefits, I REALLY dislike the redundancy of it.

I was looking on Home Depot's website, at the higher end interlocking planks, and according to the details the variety of planks tends to be between 7-9 different planks. Is this considered a lot? Because it does not SEEM like a lot. And from looking at pictures, I feel like I can see the repetition pretty easily.

I was also considering some other brands like Karndean and Flooret which can't be found in any big box hardware stores (I think?). From the pictures they appear to significantly less ~obviously~ redundant but their websites do not specifically detail how many different planks there are. Does anyone have any information about these brands or similar ones?

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