5 minimalist kitchen colour schemes (that aren’t white)


black kitchen cabinets

minimalist kitchen colour schemes

Kitchens are the heart of most of our homes.  In my home everything happens in the kitchen – from family arguments to family celebrations!  And recently even more so because we can’t go out much at all.

When I renovated my kitchen a few years ago I went for all white with wooden floors and touches of black.  If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that I can’t look beyond neutral tones for the home.  But being a lover of neutral doesn’t mean life begins and ends with white, especially in the kitchen.

If you’re planning to update your kitchen, and you’re looking for minimalist kitchen colour schemes that aren’t white, then these kitchens will inspire you.  Updating a kitchen can mean just a new lick of paint or a change of cabinet doors or something more involved.  Whether you’re going for a full reno or a budget friendly refresh, these non-white kitchen colours are perfect to create a stylish space without taking away from the minimalist look and feel.

And if you’re not planning any changes, you might just be inspired to after looking at these gorgeous kitchens!

5 minimalist kitchen colour schemes (that aren’t white)

mint green and marble kitchen colors

Mint green

Green has always been a colour used in kitchens but not so much for the neutral lover.  But pale mint green has been a game changer.  It’s light and fresh looking and often has subtle grey undertones, making it ideal if you want just a hint of colour.  Paired with light coloured stone countertops and wooden floors will create a timeless looking kitchen.


minimalist blush kitchen


Blush is the one colour that I miss having in my home.  One of my kitchen goals is to have a pale blush kitchen one day – I’m currently working on my husband!  Blush adds a hint of colour and works really well with grey shades and especially well with pale marble.

If you want to go bolder, you could go for a full on blush look and even mix up similar shades of blush.  Paired with white floors and countertops, you will definitely create a striking kitchen.  The trick here is to keep everything else clutter-free and pared back like in the image above otherwise you will end up with a very busy looking kitchen before you even start.



Pale wooden kitchens have an understated simplicity that is hard to match.  There is something so natural and minimalistic about them. There are different types of light wood you can go for but plywood is the most budget friendly and I love the way you can see practically every grain.

To take the natural feel of plywood up a notch, pair it with concrete countertops and floors.  The concrete finish adds to the understated look.  And the best part about concrete floors is that they can last a lifetime if properly laid, so find a good domestic concrete supplier to do it for you and you may never need to change the floors again. The result is a kitchen that is seamless and oh so beautiful – a minimalists dream!


black kitchen cabinets


Black kitchens had their moment a few years ago.  But if you love black, go for it.  Kitchen colours should never be chosen by current trends because the kitchen will last long after the trend is over.  So always choose based on something you can live with for years and if you can’t resist black, why not.

Black kitchens can be striking especially when contrasted with light walls and/or light countertops and floors. I especially like the combination of black and light sandy tones which adds warmth as opposed to black against white can look a bit too stark.  Further softness can be added with fabric pendants and wooden accents.  Black cabinets also pair really well with plywood and concrete/light grey too.


beige kitchen brass fittings


Sand is the new grey in interiors but it’s always been a very calming, neutral tone that lends itself to all kinds of decor throughout the house.  I’m using the sexier word sand to describe the colour but we all know I’m really talking beige!  Sand / beige coloured kitchens are just the thing if you’re looking for the slightest hint of colour but wanting a strong minimalist vibe.

One of the ways to glam up a beige kitchen is by adding brass fittings like a brass tap, drawer handles etc  Beige cabinets also work really well with stone countertops and pale wood floors. As beige is such a neutral colour you can really pair it with so much but stick to 2-3 different textures and tones to create a minimalist look.

While these colours schemes work really well for a minimalist kitchen, you can also combine a few of them. Think pale mint green walls with a plywood kitchen or soft blush walls with a beige kitchen. The combinations are endless. The trick is to keep to 2-3 complimentary shades and you’ll end up with a kitchen that isn’t white but is still minimalistic and stunning.

Which one is your favourite?

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