Qubino, Flush On/Off Thermostat 10A


Home automation is not always unicorn and rainbows…

In the autumn I ordered, well in time for the colder weather to set in and a bit of needed time for me to install it, The Qubino Flush On/Off Thermostat 10A.


I especially selected the Qubino since it was mentioned on the Vera home page to be supported. Ding and Darn I was wrong… Vera does not have support in the Firmware to for the constantly heat function which is the function I wished for, since I have own thermostats in the heater and wanted to use this only to lower the room temperature when needed. E.g. when somebody is out for a longer period and the crib don’t necessarily have the need to be fully heated.

As some forum posters on the Vera support site already have posted out that’s not the case and now we have been waiting for a firmware that hopefully is coming (my unqualified guess) by summer when I’m not in need for a thermostat any longer…

Well, next* future winter I might be able to use it….

Lesson learned, always check on Vera support forum first…

*Noticed on the forum that issue is still not solved…


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