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You would, could and should assume that a device created, assembled and soled by one manufacturer, think Tesla, Mac, KONE-elevators etc would be a piece of cake to update with latest firmware, if it’s even have to be done manually 2021. 

But for the QNAP NAS Model TS-231P2 it turned out to be a tiny bit of challenge since at some point in time or to be more exact the 20190918 they had a small bug released in the first 4.4 build the build, but the day after they released a fix for it being the 4.3 version: build 20190919    2019-09-19

Unfortunately for me that was not clearly mentioned that the only firmware upgrade I could do was to the build and not any of the newer builds and there were a lot of them since I had patched last time!

After I had got the successfully installed I could go with the latest Firmware available. 

So there it was… Done for the moment!

Seems like they now support automatic patching and re-boot which I suggest you enable (can I turn of the sound somewhere that it makes when it boot? Please let me know in the comments)

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