Blues - Chelsea, New York City

On a street in Chelsea, New York city. A Post-it note on the bike to let the owner know that their classic style blue & white bicycle is a work of art in itself.

Andreas Komodromos Photostream

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The story is about two people traveling in a sitting service train to somewhere and found no seat for them so they found a window side to stand and sharing the same window so that they can hold that window and stand there when the train is running. Two hands of their can be seen but their faces aren’t visible because of the little window.

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© 2010 Steve Kelley

Shot from the 2nd floor balcony in between dr visits.

The Riverside Church is 100 feet wide and covers two city blocks. The tower, rising to a height of 392 feet, is the first of its kind to serve a functional purpose, providing 24 floors for the congregation’s programs.

The Riverside Church is situated at one of the highest points of New York City, overlooking the Hudson River and 122nd Street.

In the Nave of The Riverside Church, the strivings and aspirations of humanity pervade which is a tribute to its founders, architects, artists, and craftsmen, and to their dedication to the glory of God.

The Labyrinth on the floor of the chancel has been adapted from the maze at Chartres, one of the few such medieval designs in existence.

The pulpit has welcomed speakers from far and near: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., preached his famous anti-Vietnam War sermon from this pulpit; Nelson Mandela addressed the nation during an interfaith celebration welcoming him to America; Marian Wright-Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund spoke about the need to provide quality healthcare to all children; and the well-known Dr. Tony Campolo delivered a sermon concerning affluence in America.

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HDR – Nikon d300

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Hong Kong Skyline at night - 香港

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Two Cormorants

Two cormorants in a dark setting on the Humber river.

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View On Black

You can see this also here:

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Rainy Days Are Here Again (Explore)

Attacked with some heavy weather, I realized that taking pictures in New York on a rainy day is a great thing as long as you manage to keep the camera dry (I did, for a while). At Madison Square Park/Broadway here.

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roughly two years ago i started uploading to flickr. couldn’t have imagined how photography would take off as a passion for me. i also couldn’t have imagined that the awesome camera my parents had given me would get ripped off in the security line at an airport a month ago.

i was overwhelmed with the number of you who commented on the photo that told that story, as well as those of you who took the time to send me email individually, offering lots of kind words of support.

but never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined that i’d be shooting on this day with a nikon D2X body, attached to a lens of my dreams. both of which were astonishing gifts from a family in the flickr community. they have asked to remain anonymous to the public, so honoring their wishes, i will refer to them only as my "fairy camera godparents".

they initially emailed asking if they might send me a spare lens that had become obsolete for them, as a way to kick start my photography after the theft of my camera. deeply touched, and after much MUCH thought, i accepted their kind offer. nothing prepared me for what i found when i opened the overseas package from them…not only a brand new lens, but this stunning pro grade camera, filter, camera bag, battery, and charger. all told, about $7,000 USD worth of gear. as i told them (once i got myself back together enough to send an email), it’s a darn good thing i was sitting down when i opened the box.

i had not (and still haven’t) ever met these folks or spoken to them in person. they were strangers in all ways except the sharing of pieces of life through flickr’s photo streams. but they had been moved by my photography and the graciousness of their own hearts to send this tremendous gift to me, halfway around the world, to further this passion of mine and enable more stories from places near and far to appear on these pages.

it’s been a long two years. but what a sweet way to end the year and begin this part of the story…the first picture i have ever taken with this new camera, starting over and looking forward to lots more adventures in travel and photography.

so to my fairy camera godparents…you guys know "thank you" doesn’t even come close. though you have insisted i offer you nothing in return, i can at least start by sharing your amazing generosity here on flickr. the media floods us with stories of sadness, but i felt compelled to offer your phenomenal gesture here as a way to cancel some of that out.

and to my other flickr friends…many thanks to all of you for two fun years of sharing stories, learning, and growing in this craft. cheers to everyone, and happy new year!!

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The photos on this site are copyrighted.
Reproduce, transmit, distribute, publish or otherwise use the images is not permitted without prior, express written consent of Astrid photography.

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Wait a Second...

Sunset@Second Beach, Washington

Had a fun time cruzing around the Olympics with Aaron and Lisa last Thrusday. We didn’t come arcoss the most ideal situations for epic clouds, but it still was fun. Just getting out and shooting with some good peps makes it all worth while.

Thanks for stopping by
Vinny 🙂

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Spring Nature

The Obersee in the Bielefeld area is an artificial lake outside the city, a lovely place for walking, biking, or just to relax.j

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