Seydel 1847 Silver Review

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Jake reviews a 1847 Silver harmonica…classic design with steel reeds. Great harp.
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  1. Tyler Jones

    Hey Jake I have a great suggestion for a harmonica for a gift holidays silver Creek harmonicas at guitar center. One is black gold ,iron works ,sliver star and diamond back harmonicas oh my God the harmonica I got is silver Creek iron works man it sounds good I give it an 8 out of ten scale they have good prices the highest harmonica for silver Creek brand is thirdy bucks or so at guitar center

  2. Luke Szeflinski

    I have few years old 1847 Silver and th comb got really yellow! Anyone else noticed same problem? I'm always storing my harmonica in box in drawer so no UV light so I'm not sure why it's getting like that.

  3. Ping Pong

    wood always sound better. I do have a plastic, and I also have wood, and I like the wood better, also knowing that sucking on wood is healthier than sucking on plastic

  4. Jonny Debt

    dude please keep the reviews coming, every time i see a harp for sale online i havn't herd of, the first place i check  out is here to see if  you think its any good.

  5. mailvilla

    I watched you reviews about the Sydel harmonicas, and bought the Sydel 181`7 Blues Session Steel Harp for $59.99 (orange comb).   However, I did not notice it was a "Low C" which is really too low sounding.  I am a beginner and just wanted it in C.   Well, I can not send it back, so where can I just by replacement Sydel session steel reeds in C for my harp? 

    Tom in Orlando Florida

  6. Geoff Mason

    Recently purchased one of these in the key of A. Just superb. A quality harp. Thanks for the review Jake. Agree with your conclusions wholeheartedly.

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