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Hot Toys Iron Man II film Mark IV 4 DieCast unboxing Marvel Studios 1/6 figure review

WHAT JOY! Another Hot Toys Iron Man unboxing!! Folks, thanks for watching! introducing the Die-Cast Mark 4 Iron Man II suit!!!

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  1. Danoby2

    Haha, apologies about my rusty fingernails! The live active rust paint that I used to customize the Mark II used in video got everywhere!! 🙁

  2. GeneAlex P

    Hey Danoby had to watch this so I could see you do a classic unboxing of a classic MCU piece from the good ol days. I loved Iron Man 2 too its my favorite one don't understand the hate it gets if anything IM3 should be the one. Question: about the button cell batteries would they last longer if you were to get known brand names like energizer? Im thinking about repowering the Mk46.

  3. YourUserNameSucksx10

    Living in cali has its cons. I order from bbts to avoid cali tax and can't beat that $4 shipping.
    Sideshow gets their stock faster I guess so next time I'll probably just take the hit and get it sooner.

  4. Capt Flea

    Just ordered mine the other day on the 2 months payment plan so it'll be here in October. Probably sooner though cause I hate waiting lol. But this will be my first Iron Man, and will not be my last. I already plan on pre-ordering the new WarMachine.

  5. Jason Dsilva

    Oh at last I was waiting for this review for so long donoby well 2 more left out and best of luck for 100k subscribe and waiting for the phicen Harley Quinn

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