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The little match girl

The little match girl
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Image by shenamt
52/52: Candlelight

I’d like to give a big round of applause to our admin team this year, especially Raf, the leader of our tribe 🙂 It’s been lovely working with you guys and I wish you luck admin-ing next year’s 52 group!

Unfortunately I won’t be attempting a 2014 52, as the demands of circus school keep me hopping (and flipping, spinning, and standing on my hands). However, I certainly intend to keep taking photos, particularly with my Random Prop Challenge (anyone who has a suggestion for a random prop I should use, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to take a photo using your suggestion)!

Also many thanks to Gracie, who was willing to embark on one last 52 photo adventure. She has endured two years of me smearing raspberry jam and Chapstick all over her face, graffiti-ing her entire body, and making her stand around in mosquito swamps.

Also also many thanks to Joey, who, although not featured in this picture, has endured equally as many and bizarre tasks (including gluing fake tongues to lampposts, being set on fire, and putting up with a plethora of puns).

Good luck to those embarking on next year’s 52!
Love and kisses,