bicycle tire tube sizes
Image by hvincentt
i realized that i only really have one good photograph of my frankenbike.

this thing started out as a diamondback sorrento; i believe it’s from the late 90s. it’s a solid steel frame and, in the configuration seen here, it weighs 32 lbs., which is around a quarter of my own weight. it’s a child-sized bike, but i fell in love with it and paid for it in a half-state of completion.

the only things on it that were on it when i bought it five years ago were the frame, handlebars, bottom bracket, and rear derailleur. it gets a strip and rebuild every major change of season. i once thought i was going to lose it when it got buried in snowmageddon 2010; the lock froze, then rusted, and it was buried up to the top tube. in the spring, i cut the old lock open with an angle grinder after running an extension cord through the window of a classroom. i thought i lost it again when maintenance pulled it from the room in which i locked it over break and forgot to put it back.

i only put about fifty miles a week on it for commuting and groceries, since i live close to work, but i ride regardless of weather. the only thing i worry about when riding through winder slush and ice is other cars losing control and hitting me.

when i finish getting my project bike off the stand, i think i might retire the frankenbike to guest-riding status. or reconfigure it again into a singletrack beater.