Stringed Things: KINNOR HARP (a.k.a. “Biblical Lyre,” “King David’s Harp”)

KINNOR HARP (a.k.a. “Biblical Lyre,” “King David’s Harp”): 10-string (nylon) lyre tuned to the E Harmonic Minor scale (from E4 to G5). This instrument is normally cradled in the left arm, its strings plucked with the right hand (pick or fingers), just above the edge of its sound-box. (In this video, I’m playing it upside-down.) It’s considered an ancient Israelite musical instrument, often referred to as the “national instrument” of the Jewish people.

Though this is a short, “composed” piece, the Kinnor Harp is also fun to improvise on, using common fingerstyle guitar patterns, shifting between different string groups, ascending/descending–playing it either “traditionally,” or upside-down/backwards.

If you crank this up, and listen carefully, you may hear that it was raining outside! Hence the title:

“Kinnor Rain Song”
© Dale Turner 2017