James Taylor – Sweet Baby James (1970) (Full Album) HD

Recorded between December 8 – December 17, 1969 at Sunset Sound, released two months later, this in my opinion is James’ best album. 8 and 17 December 1969 at a cost of only ,600 out of a budget of ,000 (see “Suite For 20 G”).Taylor was “essentially homeless” at the time the album was recorded, either staying in Asher’s home or crashing on a couch at the house of guitarist Danny Kortchmar or anyone else who would have him.

This is an album I listen to whenever I’m down or upset, and it just never gets old. It’s basically a folk album, but it has other themes like country (the title track), gospel (“Lo and Behold”), and blues (“Steamroller” and “Oh Baby”). My favorite tracks have to be “Fire and Rain” (my all time favorite song), “Blossom”, “Sweet Baby James” (was written as a lullaby for his nephew), “Country Road” (although I like the single version best), “Anywhere Like Heaven” and “Suite For 20 G” (basically three unfinished songs in one so he could finish a deadline and be paid ,000, the last one being my favorite part). Sorry if I bored you, but I just really like this album.

And by the way, I’m only 15 (and black, if that matters) and this is my favorite album (along with Nick Drake’s “Fruit Tree”)…

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For lyrics go to http://www.jamestaylor.com/music/discography/cd/JT_albumDetails.aspx?albumId=d9da9a95-0dac-474c-bbd1-c50b40b23f18

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1. Sweet Baby James (0:00 to 2:53)
2. Lo And Behold (2:54 to 5:31)
3. Sunny Skies (5:31 to 7:52)
4. Steamroller (7:53 to 10:51)
5. Country Road (10:52 to 14:14)
6. Oh, Susanna (14:15 to 16:15)
7. Fire And Rain (16:16 to 19:40)
8. Blossom (19:41 to 21:54)
9. Anywhere Like Heaven (21:55 to 25:23)
10. Oh Baby, Don’t You Loose Your Lip On Me (25:24 to 27:13)
11. Suite For 20G Part 1 (27:14 to 28:15)
12. Suite For 20G Part 2 (28:16 to 30:00)
13. Suite For 20G Part 3 (30:01 to 32:05)
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