Glory Alto Sax play test – $199 sax from Amazon. *Read description for review*

Glory Alto Sax play test - 9 sax from Amazon. *Read description for review*

This is about the sound quality you should expect if you’re a beginning saxophonist. I am by no means a good sax player, but I’m relatively comfortable when it comes to picking out a good saxophone. I was confused why nobody had posted any actual videos of this super cheap sax and decided I would be the first. Everything I used in the video comes with the sax (mouthpiece, ligature, etc.) except I am using 2 1/2 strength rico reeds instead of Glory’s reeds (their reeds do not have good sound quality).

What I think- I think you should get it. I have had it for months now and only had a very minor issue where the rollers on the bottom keys came off. I screwed them back on using my fingernails and it hasn’t come off since. If you get a defective saxophone, ship it back for a refund/replacement. If your kid is in band or if you just want to learn saxophone, this sax is cheap and works well. It is easy to stay in tune in both the higher and lower registers and does so almost as well as a ,000 sax. As for the sound quality, just listen to the video and that’s about what you’re gonna get when you start- until you become a professional that is 😉 I see nothing wrong with learning on this saxophone and then upgrading to a better one in the future. The quality difference is not worth the extra $ for some pro-level alto sax.

****** I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND GETTING THIS PURCHASE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!***** The original price was 8 and has now been bumped up to 9. Although a small price change, it is only a matter of time that the price may reach the 0 range. So buy it! You won’t be disappointed!
Video Rating: / 5