Blues Saraceno ~ Evil Ways (2012)

Blues Saraceno ~  Evil Ways (2012)

This song was taken from the album “Dark Country”
Released August 1, 2012

Blues Saraceno (born October 17, 1971 in Hartford, Connecticut) is an American rock guitarist, composer and music producer, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He was discovered by Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine at the age of 16, which assisted him in releasing instrumental recordings on an independent basis. Saraceno’s high profile as a gifted guitar virtuoso and musician opened the doors to an early career as a first-call guitar sideman and session musician. Saraceno is most often recognized from his time playing with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker (Cream) as well as his brief tenure with the Hard rock band Poison. Saraceno’s early success in the music industry would eventually blossom into a career in producing and composing for television and film

It’s been so long
Long hard days
They don’t say
God’s changed my ways..
Changed my ways..
These evil ways.

So I set out
Cross that way
Strike them down
To make them pay
Change their ways
Their evil ways

But I can’t hide
And I won’t hide
Oooooo yeah!
My evil ways

I found out
The hate grow cold
The god rise up
Damn my soul
Cause I ain’t change
Change my ways
I ain’t change

So I won’t hide
I won’t hide
Oooohhh, hey
I can’t hide hey!
I can’t hide hey!
My evil ways

Well I can’t hide
And I won’t hide
Oooohhh yeah!
Well I can’t hide
Oooohhh ouh!
Cause I can’t hide
My evil ways

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