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► ZEN Channel

ZEN is host to hundreds of longplay (1 hour +) relaxing and meditative music tracks. The music and sounds you’ll find here are perfect for relaxing after a stressful day and creating the perfect atmosphere for meditation or as background music while working or studying.

Here are some of the types of tracks you’ll find on our channel:

Soft, peaceful, sometimes droning and occasionally Asian-inspired music to help you reach a meditative state of mind. These types of tracks include traditional Asian music, Tibetan singing bowls and ethereal droning music.

Pleasant, quiet and often beautifully melodic music to help relieve your stress and promote a sense of calmness. These types of tracks include acoustic piano music, gentle lounge music and some sounds from nature.

Quiet, soothing and often droning or ethereal music to help calm your mind and allow for an excellent night’s sleep. These types of tracks include nature sounds such as rain or flowing streams, soft acoustic music and ambient droning melodies.

Interesting, thoughtful and sometimes lively musical melodies to provide an ambient atmosphere while working, studying or reading. These types of tracks include smooth jazz, lounge music and music with international flavor.

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► Relaxing / Sleep Sounds

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► Lounge / Groove Music

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► Tropical Music

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“Sias” by Shaun O’Brien

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