Old School Miami Bass, Electro Mix

A mix of trucking songs from when I used to DJ at SC 93-95
Play List
Bass Mechanic–M.C.A.D.E
Don’t Stop The Rock–Freestyle
Get Some–Pretty Tony
Mega Jon’s Bass–Iceman JA
Surgery–The Wreckin Cru
Egypt–The Egyptian Lover
Shake Your Pants–Gigolo Tony
Time To Rock The House–Eddie B
Boot The Booty–MC Cool Rock and MC Chaszy Chess
Dance Transformer–Iceman JA
Panic Zone–N.W.A
Magic Mike Cutz The Record–DJ Magic Mike
Chain Gang–The U-Gents
Time After Time–Timmy T
The Lover–The Egyptian Lover
Planet Rock– Afrika Bambaataa
T he Party Has Begun–Freestyle
Situation Hot–The Arabian Prince and The Sheiks
Rock The Planet (Dub)–The Megatrons
Rock The Planet–The Megatrons
When I hear Music–Debbie Deb
I Know You Love Me–Trinere
Dial-A-Freak–Uncle Jamms Army
M&M Gettin Off–DJ Magic Mike
Get Up,GetDown,GetFunky,GetLoose–Chilla Frauste/ Scratching- Magic Mike
Miami’s Rockin Baby (Miami Jams)–Maggotron Crushing Crew
Poison Ivy–Young and Restless
America Has a Problem (Cocaine)–Kilo
What Gets Your Body Hyped XTC (Prescription 5 Remix)–Kyper
Professor X (Saga)–Professor X (Arabian Prince)
Get Retarded (Now Go)–KJ and Da Fellas
JAM (It’s Time)–Matrix and DJ Slice
Electric Kingdom–Twilight 22
Robo Cop–Sleeze Boyz

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