English Folk Music (Jig, Ballad, Country, Broadside and more…)

Musica folclórica inglesa

Hello, people, here’s my new video, about english folk, we start with a beautiful and famous rota melody, called ”Greensleeves”.

Hola, gente, aquí esta mi nuevo vídeo, acerca de la música folclórica de Inglaterra, empezamos con una hermosa y de hecho tambien famosa melodía (del genero ”rota”), llamada ”Greensleeves”.


I. 0:00 Greensleeves
Album: Irish and celtic folk classics
Artist: Irish and Celtic folk wanderers
II. 0:50 Sellenger’s Round
Album: Incantare
Artist: Musica Subterranea
III. 2:36 Sumer is icumen in
Album: Pavane
Artist: Shelley Phillips and friends
IV. 5:00 Nacht Tanz/Shaeffertanz
Album: A maid in Bedlam
Artist: The John rebourn group
V. 8:26 Daleys/Maggy in the wood/Sweeneys/Father sweeneys/Teahan’s favourite/The bally
Album: Nortumbrian and irish folk
Artist: Rowan Tree Hill
VI. 13:07 The Lincolnshire Poacher
Album: Full English – A collection of traditional british folk songs
Artist: Mat Williams
VII. 16:24 The old grey goose
Album:Ireland’s champion fiddler
Artist: Sean McGuire
VII. 19:43 A maid in Bedlam
Album: A maid in Bedlam
Artist: The John rebourn group
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