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Racing Brakes Explained

A look at racing brake components from novice-level to professional. Many production classes allow very limited brake modifications, while more open classes are very free with the ruling on brake [ … ]

Brembo Brakes Comparison & Install – FT86SpeedFactory

Overview of the 2017 BRZ Performance Package Brembo Brakes, and the more affordable Brembo GT kit. ——– OE Brembo Performance package fitment thread – http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=122138&highlight=performance+package+brakes Brembo GT Kit – http://www.ft86speedfactory.com/brembo-front-4-piston-oe-slotted-or-drilled-brake-kit-2013-fr-s-brz-86.html#.WeKXumhSwkk [ … ]