Two Wolves

These are the two wolves we gave the wolf popsicles to. It’s cool to get both of them in the same shot looking the same direction. The picture feels a bit off balance, but it still seems clear enough to me. Only the paw looks blurred and that’s because it’s moving, of course. Zooming in, I could still see the one wolf’s eyes fairly clearly, so I decided not to scrap it. It was a tough call on this one.

The reason we gave these two wolves the bottles and not the others is because this was the only enclosure that had just two wolves in it. If we put them in one of the enclosures that had three wolves, they would have fought over them. Next time we’ll try to bring three so the other wolves can have a treat too. Then again, they’re not hard to make. I’m sure Tonya might give the rest of the wolves some frozen water bottles before we drop by again.

Anyways, I like this shot because of how they’re both proudly standing, looking like the kings of their domain.

Posted by Lance Foxx on 2008-12-09 03:06:10

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