The Knights Fall

Legend has it that a knight (during the middle-ages) ended his life falling down this waterfall – the name (S)kydalsfossen has derived from the knights surname Skydal. The fall is located in the forests of Oppland – Gjøvik (Bybrua).

The story states that the knight (one of many of course) fell in love with a beautiful girl – Josefine Grande, who’s father was (for the lack of a better word) somewhat overprotective – to the edge of insanity. He used to lock his daughter away in a shed – just to keep her "safe" from eager suiters.

One night Skydal decided to "free" Josefine from her fathers claws. During his attempt the would be lovers were caught by the father, but still managed to get away.

During their escape – they had to cross the depicted waterfall. Skydal managed to help Josefine to the other side of the fall, but in his own attempt – lost his footing and plummeted down the waterfall – tragically losing his life. Josefine, now free from her fathers prison – left the waterfall in tears. Never to return home again.

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