New York High

Hey all my Flickr Friends! The best to you for 2011. Haven’t been Online for quite a while and so this is my late happy new year to all of you.

Recently I have a huge lack of time and maybe also a small lack of creativity. This is why I haven’t uploaded so many pictures the last months.
But as in the last weeks a lot of friends really forced me to go on and upload photos again, I decided to take something from the archives and here you see it.

This is from my trip to the glorious city of New York. The shot has been taken in the taxi. It was more a spontaneous one but I love the amount of floating lines one can see there.
Hope all of you are creative and produce more of your lovely shots.

Any recommendations from your Streams? Feel free to post the Link I want to see what I have missed the last months!!!


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Posted by Sprengben on 2011-01-23 16:12:43

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