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Shot from the 2nd floor balcony in between dr visits.

The Riverside Church is 100 feet wide and covers two city blocks. The tower, rising to a height of 392 feet, is the first of its kind to serve a functional purpose, providing 24 floors for the congregation’s programs.

The Riverside Church is situated at one of the highest points of New York City, overlooking the Hudson River and 122nd Street.

In the Nave of The Riverside Church, the strivings and aspirations of humanity pervade which is a tribute to its founders, architects, artists, and craftsmen, and to their dedication to the glory of God.

The Labyrinth on the floor of the chancel has been adapted from the maze at Chartres, one of the few such medieval designs in existence.

The pulpit has welcomed speakers from far and near: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., preached his famous anti-Vietnam War sermon from this pulpit; Nelson Mandela addressed the nation during an interfaith celebration welcoming him to America; Marian Wright-Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund spoke about the need to provide quality healthcare to all children; and the well-known Dr. Tony Campolo delivered a sermon concerning affluence in America.

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