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1970 Lincoln Continental Town Car

1970 Lincoln Continental Town Car
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Image by Sicnag
The Lincoln Motor Company was originally founded in 1917 and since 1922 has been the luxury vehicle division of the American Ford Motor Company.
The fifth generation Continental was built from 1970-79. The Continental received a ground-up redesign for the first time since 1961, now sharing the chassis with the Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis. The suicide doors were replaced by conventional front-hinged doors. and now with hideaway headlamps.
In 1970, available as a 2 door Hardtop, a 4 door pillared Hardtop and Town Car (with vinyl top), slotted chrome and black grille.
1971, very similar, headlight doors were now body colour.
1972, grille now egg crate, return of the hood ornament.
1973, crash rated bumpers, so set further away from car. Town Coupe introduced (vinyl top)
1974, bumpers wrap around fender more, vertical waterfall grille.
1975 saw a major facelift
Also available was the Thunderbird based Mk III 2 door Coupe, introduced in 1968, it got the Rolls Royce style waterfall grille and hideaway headlights (Mk IV from 1972)
Engine; 365hp 460 cu in V8

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