1. Carmen R Gonzalez-Mendez

    Hi there Kelly, I just saw this video today. I love moonstone as wells. I want you to know I received your lovely pakcage today. Everything is awesome, everything is great and you made my day with the jewelry jar. You wrap everything so lovely and well. Tonight I am going to have so much fun. You know I live in Puerto Rico, in the Metropolitan area, but we do not have Goodwill here, nor Thrifts stores, neither Salvation Army stores, so unless I get one from somebody or a seller I wouldn't have the joy to open one. So you are the first that I found that has jewelry jars. BTW, I am NOT a reseller, like Thelma, I am a primary teacher that love jewelry and love to be pretty at my job, so you will be my #1 Posh store now. Keep being successful, (((HUGS))))

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