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AA12343 (13.05.01)DSC_1244_Balancer

AA12343 (13.05.01)DSC_1244_Balancer
used box trucks for sale
Image by Lav Ulv
Model: Mercedes-Benz Atego 1223 L Euro3 4X2 (BM 970)
VIN: WDB9702581K721072
1. Registration: 2002-07-29
Company: Cirkus Tværs (Foreningen Cirkus Tværs af 1990), Brabrand (DK)
Fleet No.: –
Nickname: –
License plates: AA12343 (mar. 2013-dec. 2013)
Previous reg.: SJ91146 (jul. 2002-feb. 2006), UJ96755 (apr. 2006-sep. 2009), AG88147 (may 2010-oct. 2010), AW94878 (apr. 2011-sep. 2011), CG92904 (mar. 2012-sep. 2012)
Later reg.: AM37627 (apr. 2014-sep. 2014), XV90119 (apr. 2015-sep. 2015), BN54324 (jun. 2017-?)
Retirement age: still active at time of upload (aug. 2018)
Photo location: Tangkrogen, near Strandvejen, Aarhus, DK

Cirkus Tværs is not a traditional circus, but more of a "socially conscious, politically aware, multiculturally based" project, so it was not totally unexpected to find them at a may 1st rally in Tangkrogen.

Tværs means "contrary", quite a fitting name.

Tip: to locate trucks of particular interest to you, check my collections page, "truck collection" (www.flickr.com/photos/lavulv/collections/72157684190396672/ ) – here you will find all trucks organized in albums, by haulier (with zip-codes), year, brand and country.

Retirement age for trucks: many used trucks are offered for sale on international markets. If sold to a foreign buyer, this will not be listed in the danish motor registry, so a "retired" truck may or may not have been exported. In other words, the "retirement age" only shows the age, at which the truck stopped running on danish license plates.

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