1. WaybackTECH

    That driving dash thing there, I had one when I was a kid. I was born in 81 so this is all very familiar stuff to me. Anyway mine however, was the Knight Rider one with the steering wheel and resembled KITT's dash. Even said KITT on the back if I recall. Quite sure that is worth a ton of dough now days. Not sure if it is still kicking around my parents house or not. See I was interesting in electronics, even as a crumb cruncher and I took it apart. Not sure it ever worked again and might have just tossed it…. sadly. Had some Ghost Buster toys as well that I know are worth a lot, Proton Pack with a foam tube you put into the gun, and a PKE meter… god I wish I had those still… would LOVE to do a video about them.

  2. Jon Y

    I had a Gloworm (opposite page of the steering wheel toy). I also had a Cabbage Patch Doll. I always got a chuckle as a kid from the fact that the doll had a signature printed on the butt cheek from the factory. That yellow picnic table brings back memories. My brother and I had that same model as kids. I loved sitting on that thing.

  3. AroundIndiana

    It's funny seeing how some things were so expensive at that time, and now those items are in Goodwill for basically nothing. My first CD player in around 1991 was $160 now they are what $15 or less brand new?

  4. WeatherSTARIII

    We used to have a Montgomery Ward store location here in my area. I remembered that I used to go there a lot when I was young. Montgomery Ward later closed in our area sometime around 1997 and ironically, Sears eventually took over a year later and had been there ever since (despite of their recent round of store closers). It's hard to believe that Montgomery Ward still exists on the internet to this very day.

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