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Netgear Arlo REVIEW – The Battery-powered Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

The Netgear Arlo is the only HD wireless HD home security camera system where the cameras are powered by batteries. In this video I install the system…and record some garden wildlife. AMAZON Links Below (Click Show More to expand this text box).
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2bBw6B6
Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2bELjzd
Amazon DE: http://goo.gl/qFfQ44
Amazon IT: http://goo.gl/RtoiRo
Amazon ES: http://goo.gl/H58Bb4
Amazon FR: http://goo.gl/30sDVn

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A number of people have mentioned that the cameras COULD BE KNOCKED OFF THE WALL – I understand you don’t want to buy this system and that’s totally fine, but don’t feel you need to justify a decision by suggesting that this product has flaws that don’t exist with every other security camera on the market…the safety of this camera is no different to any other security camera – so if you feel that you couldn’t use this one because of a fear of tampering, then you also can’t use any other camera.
Security of the camera itself was covered in the video… see 08:53
If you were concerned about tampering then don’t use the magnetic mount – that’s only an option provided for convenience, useful in my enclosed back garden or inside the house but elsewhere you would be expected to mount the camera using THE TRIPOD MOUNT …just like ever other security camera – it would be screwed to the wall and located out of reach. All cameras will be damaged if you throw a brick at them – this is not a unique feature to this camera however If you think someone would attempt to unscrew the camera from the tripod – perhaps they burglar is particularly well prepared and isn’t concerned that your camera is recording their image and uploading video to the cloud and they implausibly carry around set of ladders with them – then secure your camera to the tripod mount with Loctite Adhesive in the tripod screw threads.

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