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Memorial to Heather Crowe

Memorial to Heather Crowe
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In 2009, in memory of a courageous and exceptional woman, the City of Ottawa officially dedicated a park located at 1902 Scott Street in Ottawa’s Kitchissippi Ward as Heather Crowe Park.
Heather Crowe lost her battle with lung cancer three years ago on May 22, 2006.
Having worked for years in the often smoke-filled hospitality industry, Heather was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer even though she had never smoked a cigarette in her life. Determined that no other person in Canada would die from second-hand smoke in the workplace, Heather took her story across the country.
“Heather Crowe was an outstanding advocate for the dangers of second-hand smoke”, said Acting Mayor Michel Bellemare. “By going public with her own lung cancer diagnosis, her selfless actions became a powerful vehicle for change.”
“The dedication of Heather Crowe Park is a deserving tribute to a remarkable person”, stated Kitchissippi Ward Councillor Christine Leadman. “Although Heather is no longer with us, her message continues to make an impact as cities and provinces across Canada enact smoke-free legislation.”
Ms Crowe’s bravery had a significant influence on policies affecting tobacco as well as the development of the provincial Smoke Free Ontario Act. The Ontario Ministry of Health also created the Heather Crowe Award to recognize individuals and organizations in promoting a smoke-free Ontario. She was also named “MacLean’s Person of the Year” and the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control announced the creation of the Heather Crowe Legacy Fund to keep her legacy work alive. Through Heather’s television ads for Health Canada, she became the face of second-hand smoke by sharing her personal story with all Canadians.
“Heather Crowe also had a profound impact on our youth”, said Councillor Diane Deans, Chair of the Community and Protective Services Committee. “By sharing her story, she brought a reality into the classroom that prompted many students to re-evaluate their decision to smoke.”
Heather’s daughter Patricia Crowe who participated in today’s ceremony accompanied by her own daughter Jodi Ann, expressed her appreciation for the commemorative naming of Heather Crowe Park. “I am very grateful to the City of Ottawa for honouring my mother with the dedication of this park”.
The naming of Heather Crowe Park was established through the City of Ottawa’s Commemorative Naming Policy. Commemorative naming provides an opportunity to recognize and honour individuals through the naming of municipal streets, parks and facilities.