Live Comedy

Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan
christian comedy cd
Image by Mirka23
After Christian’s CD release performance at Mo’Pitkins, he was downstairs signing CDs and chatting with people. It was a very intimate gathering – I found myself sitting with several of his friends during the show, and everyone was really friendly and chatty afterwards. Like we had all met up at a bar, where one of your friends is telling jokes that have you cracking up all night. Only, at the end of the night, he happens to have the jokes recorded on a CD. It was like that.

Kambri, Christian’s very cool wife, tried to tell me that my eyes were partially closed in the photo, but I thought it was fine. As a result, I look like I’m either stoned or about to fall asleep, while Christian looks like he’s about to jump straight up onto the table and start telling more jokes!