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3 project management tools you must use | Adsoup Roundup EP#9


Trello is an online management tool that helps individuals and teams collaborate and manage work. Whether you’re organising travel plans, house chores or work projects, it can help you make it easy. The Trello boards, give you a bird’s eye view of your projects. You can tell what is being worked on, who is working on it, and the deadline for each project in a single glance.

Trello cards are laid out horizontally and can be easily dragged and dropped in any order. Each card can contain a checklist, attachment, images, deadline dates, discussion notes, and more. You can have as many boards as you want and categorise them accordingly. For instance, you can have a board for house stuff, business meetings, wedding arrangements, whatever you want.

Pros are, Trello is very easy to use. It offers free unlimited cards and boards to all its three versions. It has an impressive user interface with all the information on a single project placed on one board.

The Cons, there is no shared calendar for all your boards. This makes it difficult for users to view all their boards on a single schedule.

Trello offers four levels of services which include a free account and three paid versions called Gold, Business Class, and Enterprise.

At per month, Gold account increases your maximum file size to 250 MB, power-ups or “integrations” from just one to 3different connected services, and offers you unlimited emojis and stickers.

For 9.99 a month, the business package comes with an advanced security feature. It offers its users unlimited power-ups and a maximum file size of 250MB with multiple customisation options. It provides administrative controls, which allow you to allocate tasks to various users, and permission levels to access specific boards. You can also invite people with the read-only access to your boards.

Enterprise is Custom pricing, and this option is recommended for organisations with more than 100 people.

Workflowy is a web-based management tool that enables users to create personal to-do lists, take notes, write research papers, collaborate on team projects and so much more.

Workflowy users, use this application to create some order to the chaos by creating to-do lists for different projects, household management and more. Users can also use this tool to list their ideas as they come, for future reference. You can describe or write notes about these ideas, add links and use tags for keeping track.
Once you complete a task, you can mark it Complete, with the option of making them disappear, or visible for future reference.

Pros, Workflowy is a straightforward yet powerful management tool that is accessible across different devices and mobile apps.
It has a clean user interface, which is mostly text-based. It has next to no learning curve and, allows for secure real-time collaboration and sharing of content on all parts of your lists.

Cons, Workflowy’s pro plan is a little pricey compared to other management tools of its league.

Workflowy has a free and paid version; free comes with some limitations. For instance, you’re only allowed a maximum of 250 new items in your list every month. It does not allow you to customise some of its settings such as background, theme and font.

Pro users can connect to a Dropbox account for backup, are also able to create as many list items as they please, and All collaborations are password protected. Workflowy Pro users are given priority when it comes to premium support, For 4.99 a month

Flock is a simple and efficient team messaging application that makes collaboration between members similar to slack, but has a lot more features.

This tool is packed with tools that its competitors don’t. You can use it to connect with your team through video calls, manage projects through polls and reminders, create to-do lists as well as integrate with your favourite apps. It also provides a one on one chat through public or private channels. It integrates with numerous third-party apps such as Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Github among others.

Pros are, Flock is competitively priced. It offers read-only channels that allow certain kinds of organisational information such as HR rule to have a dedicated place in the team messaging app. This tool can be used on the web with additional downloadable apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Finally, it is just pretty I think.

Cons, Flock does not support keyword notifications which is a significant drawback in its ability to track conversations in a thread.

Flock can be used as a free tool for team collaboration.

The premium plan costs per user per month. Premium users enjoy an increased file sharing capacity of up to 1,000 files. Unlike the free version, there is no limit on message search history. Its users are offered premium support and assistance setting it up for your team.