Rock Climbing Basics 6: How to place and remove nuts – Wild Country, Climbing Magazine.

Wild Country and Climbing Magazine have produced a series of ‘How To’ videos designed to demonstrate basic climbing skills and techniques. In this video Julie Ellison, Climbing Magazine Gear Editor, demonstrates the basics of placing nuts and then removing them easily.
Placing nuts well keeping you safe while leading and being able to remove nuts that your leader’s placed is incredibly important — the smoother and faster you can do it the easier climbing becomes. Wild Country have a range of nuts from very small, Superlight rocks, to the large Rockcentrics but the basic of placement and removal are the same.
Julie is using a selection of Wild Country and Red Chili gear whilst making these videos and you can check out some of our best gear here including: Rocks http://bit.ly/17fqAI5 Superlight Rocks http://bit.ly/PQxGye and Rockcentrics http://bit.ly/XcTKE0 as well as the very important nut removal tool the Pro Key http://bit.ly/15DutIL
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